Longmeadow Community Television seeks to serve the media needs of Longmeadow. We currently provide the following services:

Training on production equipment
Provided on an individual basis at no cost or through our in-depth production workshops for $50 fee.

For more information contact Cable Access Coordinator, Doug Pas, at 413.567.9397 ext. 112 or email

Program shows for air
LCTV will program shows produced or sponsored by a Longmeadow resident, provided it meets our technical and decency standards, as well as locally produced programming from other towns that are of relevance to Longmeadow residents.

For more information contact Program Director, Bryon Kozaczka, at 413.567.9397 ext. 113 or email

Request program to air

LCTV will program underwriting spots for businesses and organizations relevant to Longmeadow residents.

For more information contact Executive Director, Tracey Durant, at 413.567.9397 ext. 115 or email

Pricing information