About Us

Longmeadow Community Television’s mission is to give the public access to the communication medium of television and to teach the proper use of the equipment and proper television techniques.

The public includes all individuals who live, work, or have taxpayer status in the Town of Longmeadow, and to all organized groups with offices in Longmeadow – such as schools, hospitals, government agencies, non-profit organizations and fraternal groups.

Individuals and organizations may utilize the equipment and support of staff FREE of charge to produce programming for playback channels 9, 12, 15 and 809HD on Comcast cable as well as on LCTV’s YouTube channel. Training sessions are provided on an individual basis free of charge and workshops are offered for a $50 fee that helps support the station.


Tracey Durant
Executive Director
Email: tracey@longmeadowtv.org

Doug Pas
Cable Access Coordinator
Email: doug@longmeadowtv.org

Bryon Kozaczka
Program Director
Email: bryon@longmeadowtv.org

Board of Directors

Steven Wolman, Chair
Don Holland, Vice Chair
Norman Michaels, Treasurer
Paul Gorman
Dan Bauch
Fred Rosenberg
If you are interested in serving on the LCTV Board please contact the chair, Steven Wolman, at saw292@hotmail.com.

In Memoriam with thanks for their years of service at LCTV:

Gilbert M. Lefkovich, Executive Director
William F. K. Monks, Treasurer

Photos courtesy of Xenophon A. Beake Photography


Longmeadow Community Television is funded in part from franchise fees paid to LCTV by Comcast. We also rely on the generous donations of our supporters in addition to fees for training sessions.