Video Production

LCTV New Video Flypack

Multi camera live switching and recording in just about any venue. The “flypack “ can be placed just about anywhere, which allows us to go to areas that were previously impossible to get to! Want to book the video flypack call us today! 413.567.9397
To check for availability!

Introductory Pricing:
Flypack, 4 staff............$500/day* (portal to portal, 25 mile radius from Longmeadow, MA is the travel limit.)

With all production services bookings, arraignments must be made at least 2 weeks prior to your event.


Studio: 30' by 20', 12' to lighting grid - 3 Hitachi 3ccd half inch CCD SD cameras - Grass Valley 110 switcher, GV DPM 700 - Compix Character Generator - Mackie VLZ audio mixer - DVcam, MiniDV and DVD record, playback

Studio/Control Room, 4 staff.........$700/day*
Studio/Control Room, 1 staff.........$400/day*

Studio setup only, one staff...........$150/day*

Mobile Vehicle

1992 Ford Roadmaster Converted Ambulance - 3 Hitachi 3ccd half inch CCD SD cameras - JVC 2ME Video Switcher - DVCam and MiniDV record, playback - Mackie VLZ 1202 audio mixer - Sennheiser HMD25-XQ headset mics

Mobile Unit, 4 staff............$700/day* (up to 25 mile radius)

Mobile Unit, 1 staff............$500/day* (up to 25 mile radius)

Single Camera EFP Package

1 Cannon XL1 MiniDV camera or Sony DXC 637A Betacam camera - 1 Lowell Omni lighting kit - Shure FP 24 or FP 32 audio mixer - Sennheiser ME 66 Shotgun microphones - Gitzo Fishpole

Single camera EFP crew, 2 staff........$500/day* (up to 25 mile radius)

Post Production

Final Cut Pro Suite, version 5 - MiniDV, DVCam and DVD ingest or export via firewire

Editing, 1 staff.........$60/hour (up to 8hrs/day)

* Rates based on an 8 hour day including travel time. Extra personnel based on freelance rate schedule TBD